ADCC 2021 Superfight and Location Announced

After an amazing and exciting ADCC 2019, two new superstars have emerged on the grappling scene.

Promoters were quick to jump on the hype train as it choo-chooed its way around the arena, and so have now announced the superfight for the next ADCC.

“The two biggest standouts from this event were the Inanimate Judges’ Table, which played a pivotal role in the many of the matches, as well as the Extremely Aggressive Viral Pinkeye that swept through the competitors like an STD goes through the DDS.”

Inanimate Judges Table had a spectacular run through all of ADCC, making its presence felt in matches with Nick Rodriguez and Muhamad Aly, and playing a key role in the superfight against Felipe Pena, where it smashed his ribs to pieces. Any competitor who made it to the edge of the mats felt the hard-edged wrath of Inanimate Judges Table.

As for Extremely Aggressive Viral Pinkeye, perhaps the true extent of its dominant run through competitors is still unknown, but it took out Keenan Cornelius, nearly took out Craig Jones and would have taken out half of the Danaher Death Squad had they not given a single fuck and just competed anyway despite their eyes being swollen shut and weeping pus.

ADCC Promotor Johnathan Promotingtons said “We feel that Las Vegas is the only place to host this epic showdown. Just imagine, 8,000 screaming fans as Inanimate Judges’ Table and Extremely Aggressive Viral Pinkeye face off to see who can do the most damage…”

We here at the Awkward Shaka are extremely excited and are stocking up on hand sanitiser right now!


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  1. I have bought my tickets for this event based on this superfight. I overheard talk in Anaheim outside the vegan food truck called “Leaf My Meat Alone” (I had the avocado and potato seed lettuce wrap by the way) but the guys were raving about “AJT” and its ability to stop anyone in their track.
    My tableside tickets are winging their way to me today.


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