ADCC 2019 Meet & Greet / Deadly Virus Exchange Planned

ADCC is proud to announce that for the first time ever, fans of the show and the athletes will be able to meet their favourite fighters and swap deadly infectious diseases with them before the show.

On the Friday before the festivities kick off, you will be able to attend the ceremonial weigh ins and rules meeting. After that, you’ll have the opportunity to shake hands with legends of the sport, and contract deadly bacteria and flesh eating viruses from them.

Keenan Cornelius spent some time training in New York with the Danaher Death Squad, and received a serious case of viral conjunctivitis that he hopes to share with his fans.

“It’s great that ADCC are doing this. It really brings the fighters and the fans closer together.”

ADCC is scheduled for this weekend in Anaheim, California, assuming that the entire roster isn’t sidelined with horrible matborne diseases.

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