Gordon Ryan Haters Desperately Seek New, Unreasonable Goals for Him to Accomplish

“Yeah, OK fine, he won the 88kg category on his first ever ADCC but so what? It was a shitty category anyway, full of no-name losers like Dillon Danis, Xande Ribeiro and Keenan Cornelius. What he really needs to do is win the worlds in the gi, that’s what I was waiting for all along,” says LionKiller9000RedBelt, a highly respected Reddit poster.

“Plus he absolutely SUCKED in the absolute,” he added. “Guess what? Second place is the first loser. When he wins the worlds in the gi (absolute) and moves into MMA and wins the UFC belt in three weight classes and then retires but comes back for a celebrity boxing match that he also wins, then he will be worthy of my respect. Probably.”

YouTube commenter AmericanNinjaBlade100 said: “I think he’s on the steroids also, which is totally unfair because everyone else is as clean as a whistle. Personally I won’t respect him until he at least learns how to juggle with chainsaws, I mean that’s like basic level shit. Gordon Ryan really is a loser and I could beat him easily in a street fight.”

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