White Belt Confident this Yummy Protein Drink will Balance Out Lifetime of Poor Nutrition

Three-stripe white belt Robert Clawhammer firmly believes that drinking a delicious chocolatey protein drink after training will definitely erase the negative effects of all of the shitty food he regularly eats.

I always make sure to drink my very expensive chocolate cookie dough protein shake after training. It contains all of the acid aminos and over a gram of protein. I checked the ingredients. It’s also got vitamins in it that my body needs to fuel a tough workout.

Clawhammer’s regular diet includes pizza, pasta carbonara, and at least three scoops of ice cream per meal. He also smokes and regularly sleeps less than five hours a night.

“Recovery is paramount to me which is why I always make sure to drink my protein after training. Sometimes even when I’m not training because it’s just so healthy for me.”


Man holding and drinking the post workout chocolate whey protein shake, isolated on white

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