“Jiu Jitsu Excellent for Health and Fitness,” says 27-year old with Prematurely Aging, Decrepit Body

Jiu jitsu is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself feeling young and healthy, according to Roger Daltry, of the Old Holborn Gym in Fargo, ND. Although diagnosed with early onset arthritis, and having the joints of a octogenarian coal miner, Daltry recommends everyone should train jiu jitsu if you want to stay in shape.

I’ve had three shoulder surgeries and a knee reconstruction. If anything, they’ve made me stronger. I mean, actually they’ve made my shoulder much weaker but still, jiu jitsu is the best.

Daltry takes an expensive daily cocktail of painkillers, fish oils, CBD oil and superfood pills and has a full time physiotherapist, which he says brings the pain down from a 10 to a manageable 9.5, and spends hundreds of dollars a month on athletic tape, which he uses to ensure his joints don’t fall apart during training. He can no longer touch his toes and his right elbow clicks loud enough to wake him up at night. His fingers are swollen and resemble cheap, unloved sausages and his ears look like a bodybuilder’s prolapsed rectum.

“Jiu jitsu is the best,” he reiterates again, gritting his teeth through tears of pain.

Senior man suffering from back pain at home

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