Unconfirmed Reports Suggest Gunnar Nelson Expressed an Emotion Once

In a flurry of speculation, MMA and grappling pundits are insinuating that Gunnar Nelson may have once expressed an emotion.

“We can’t be sure,” says Minkel Trinkelhorn of the Marlboro Emotional Testing Facility ironically located in Reykjavik, Iceland, “but it does look like he may have at one point been – how can I put this – not entirely apathetic towards something.”


According to sources close to Nelson, a picture may exist of the aforementioned emotion. It apparently shows the bottom right quadrant of Nelson’s oral region curving upwards a fraction of a degree. Awkward Shaka reporters did their best to attain the image, to no avail. Below is an artist’s impression of the rumoured facial movement.

2017-03-29 03.09.20 1.jpg

When approached for comment, Gunnar strongly denied the rumours.

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