Online Training Guru to Release Infinitely Self Referencing E-Book on How to be an Online Training Guru

Malfoy Flukewhale, online training guru and black belt author of “White belt to Black Belt in 15 Minutes – the free PDF” and “25 Short Lessons to Complete Mastery of Sparring Against White Belts” and “SuperCharge your Training with PowerYogaBalls” will release a new eBook entitled “How to be an Online Training Guru – Using Only Online Training – Guaranteed

Young businessman holding a glowing bulb.Business solution concept

The book will teach prospective online training gurus how to train other online gurus in the art of being an online training guru. The PDF will be made up of articles and pictures about articles and pictures, which clearly explain the way an online training guru spends all of their time training online and being a guru.

“The most important thing about being an online training guru is spending the majority of your time online doing guru type activities, and reading other PDFs about online training gurus by online training gurus mostly to do with being a guru, training, and being online,” says Flukewhale.

When pressed on what exactly the “guaranteed” referred to in the title of his book, Flukewhale nodded and said “Exactly,” then spoke into his smartwatch which called his electronic car to him. “I gotta go, I got a coconut water enema followed by an online ayahuasca session with my shaman in Peru.”

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