Jiu Jitsu Expert Validates Years of Training by Catching Mother-in-Law’s Falling Crockery

While eating a family dinner at a his mother-in-law’s house over the holiday season, Chaz Chazzerton noticed a plate falling from the side of the table. “My arm, well trained through years of gruelling martial arts training, simply shot out on its own and caught the plate before it hit the floor,” beamed Chaz.

Chaz’s mother-in-law, Beatrice, said that only now had she realised how useful his martial arts training had been.

I mean he has a bunch of medals and an academy and stuff, but today it finally clicked just how talented he really is.

Beatrice had always merely tolerated Chaz’s obsession with martial arts, seeing it as a passing fad despite him being a world champion black belt and owning multiple affiliate academies. “I always used to call it his karate workout. I didn’t see the point of it.”

Now at any family gathering, Chaz will no longer need to spend precious minutes explaining the intricacies of jiu jitsu to his extended family, instead his mother-in-law will simply explain the time his hand shot out “like a cat” and saved a falling plate from certain doom.



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