Area Student Successfully Avoids Gaze of Badasses During Class

James Killdump, of Johnny Walker Jiu Jitsu in Wilmington, OK, managed to avoid sparring with anyone who could have given him a hard time during jiu jitsu class last night.

karate kid

“Basically I squeeze myself up against the wall, in the corner, and when it’s time to pick partners, I glaze my eyes over and make myself a bit cross-eyed, then look around the room squinting, never making eye contact with any badasses.”


The recent blue belt makes sure to always choose people who are smaller, weaker, or lower ranked than him.

“Except if they are lower ranked but bigger and stronger than me. That’s basically the worst thing ever. I hate rolling with those guys.”

Killdump says his tactics make him unpopular but always ensure he always wins during sparring, which is the most important thing.

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