14 Year Old BJJ Prodigy to Publish Self Help Book Based on her Instagram

“As a 14-year old with over 612 followers on Instagram, I have enough of an understand of life that people are really gonna benefit from it. lol!”


Jiu Jitsu Prodigy Alana Lanana, who trains under Mordecai Falterpump at L & B Jiu Jitsu in Fairfax, Ohio, says that her favourite motivational quote is:


“All I have to do is write that stuff over a picture of a sunset or the mats and I get like tens of likes. I have a bunch of hashtags like #motivaton #youcandoit #yougogirl and stuff that ensure I have a wide audeince,” said Alana, in an interview conducted via the messaging function of Instagram.

Her parents, Sheldon and Melindsay, say she’s always had a talent for communication. “She can talk to animals too,” they added, rather pointlessly.

Alana Lanana says she sometimes gets really moody, like when she texts someone and they don’t reply for like 45 minutes, and that helps her to understand the hardships in life. “I need to appreciate the bad times, or like when I don’t have any signal, so I can truly appreciate the good times. That’s a good one, I should post that. BRB.”

Her book, “If you wanna do it, you can probably do it! I guess” is out on Monday.


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