Ex-Boxer Dad Gives Terrible Advice to Son at Jiu Jitsu Competition

In West Finklehorn, Nebraska, an over-enthusiastic dad was heard repeatedly giving his son terrible advice during his first ever competition.

“Listen, I used to box, so I know this fighting shit. A punch is a punch, doesn’t matter if you’re wearing pajamas or whatever.”

Coach Moncrief Higgins of Lucky Sevens Academy said that the advice “was literally the worst thing I have ever heard. He was telling him to rabbit punch his way out of side control”

Father and son playing on the beach at the sunset time. Concept of friendly family.

The father, who wishes to remain anonymous, stood by the advice, that he gave in a very loud voice while small bits of spittle formed at the corner of his mouth. “Damn right I would rabbit punch my way out of side control. What the hell even is side control? Screw you with your side control. I will uppercut your damn face off.”

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