Confirmed: Jiu Jitsu is Basically an Easier Version of Wrestling

The Winston Churchill Institute of Scientifical Analysations has recently completed a study and come to the conclusion that jiu jitsu is “very similar to wrestling, but not as hard.”

The study is based on data drawn from a number of smaller published reports, including:

  • “Jiu Jitsu Players Overwhelmingly Skip Warmups” (2013)
  • “Most BJJ Players Own a GTX1080 or higher PC Graphics Card” (2016)
  • “How Strong Grips Mask Total Lack of Basic Strength” (2003)
  • Fitness: Overrated? (2015)
  • “High School Wrestlers Stronger than Most Brown Belts” (2011)
  • “Number of Jiu Jitsu Guys with Over 55 Games in their Steam Account Reaches All-Time High” (2014)

When the information is looked at as a whole, the study finds that jiu jitsu is basically wrestling, for wimps.




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