Exclusive: Dan Does Actually Soak his Gi in Piss Before Training

one karate kata training man isolated on white background

Area man Dan Macklehenny confirmed to The Awkward Shaka recently that he does indeed soak his gi in piss before coming to training.

“All the time. I soak it in there right good and nice,” says Dan, who emanates a powerfully acrid, ammonia-like stench.

Dan’s training partners at the Pall Mall Martial Arts Academy have long since suspected this to be so, although they only go as far as to mutter quietly amongst themselves after rolling with him.

I like to change it up each week. Sometimes it’s regular piss, sometimes I use my cat’s piss. Sometimes I like to mix it up and get the homeless guy who lives outside Starbucks rustle something up for me. Keep everyone on their toes.


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