BJJ Superstar Dreams of One Day Having Clickbait-heavy Blog Run by Soul-less Marketing Firm

Insurance investigator on his laptop, following a lead on a fraudulent claim. Business, insurance, corporate and career concept

World Champion Wanderlei De Silva Neto Braga Antunes Fonseca del Toro is one of the most successful and famous BJJ black belts in the world. At the moment, he currently runs his own Facebook page and interacts with his fans personally on a daily basis –  like a shmuck.

I get my fans talking to me in person, letting me know that I inspire them and all that crap. I can’t wait to hand it over to a marketing firm like or something like that.

Wanderlei, who fights out of the VapeLight Academy in Georgetown, Ohio, should soon be signing a deal with an unnamed, corporate website and hopes that his blog and all social media accounts will soon be taken over by either a disinterested intern who overuses exclamation marks, or even better, some kind of automatic posting algorithm, thus removing humans from the equation entirely.

“I really hope they jam my blog full of clickbait. Who doesn’t love clickbait? That’s why it’s called ‘bait’, because it’s tasty and wriggly, like a worm, and you really want to click on it. To get the worm. I like worms.”


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