Woman Quits Jiu jitsu after finding Class Full of Girls

A girl training, yesterday
A girl training, yesterday

Valerie Krantz received the shock of a lifetime last week when she joined a Brazilian jiu jitsu school. “I wanted to show the world that jiu jitsu was a sport not just for men. That women could do just as well.”

However, when she entered the clean, bright gym, she found that there were a number of women already training. “I should have guessed something was up when the instructor showed me to a ladies changing room,” said Krantz.

Krantz had psyched herself up for a dirty, sweat stained gym covered in men’s discarded chest hair and spit buckets. What she found was a well ordered training facility with a number of girls warming up amongst men at the beginning of class.

“One of the guys offered to warm up with me during the partner drills. I told him I didn’t need his help and I would do it on my own.”

“I told the instructor that I wasn’t intimidated by all-male atmospheres, or intense amounts of manliness and sweat. She wasn’t impressed.”

Ladies class instructor Phillipa Cutty Sark said it felt like “the new girl had something to prove.”

“I came here with something to prove,” said Krantz. “I’m very disappointed to find that someone else has proved it already.”

Krantz never returned to the dojo but is understood to be trying out for the Men’s Wrestling Team for the next Olympics.


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