White Belt Suspects Recent Choke Was “Actually a Neck Crank”

Richy “Biltong” Richington, a three-stripe white belt training at Lucky Strike Academy in Botherington, tapped to a choke on Wednesday night. Upon returning home, he found that his neck was “pretty sore” and in hindsight, believes the choke may have been a neck crank.

When training with blue belt Jonathan “Jerky” Johanssen, Richy found himself in the submission known as a D’Arce. As his blue belt opponent applied pressure, Richy said he “definitely heard a couple of crunching noises.”

“It started to really hurt my neck. I guess I was also choking a bit, but it really hurt. My neck definitely felt cranked.”

Richy tapped out but made sure to rub his neck and grimace afterwards, indicating to the higher ranked training partner that the choke may not have been legitimate. “I think if he had have done the technique properly I wouldn’t have tapped. For sure.”

After the suspect choke, it is reported that Richy tapped out five more times to Johanssen, but insists that the first D’Arce was suspect.

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