Next ADCC to be Held on Abandoned Oil Rig in Alaska

Athletes Said The Recent Venue Was "Too Luxurious"
Athletes Said The Recent Venue Was “Too Luxurious” (photo cred: Hywel Teage / Flo)

ADCC Officials have informed grappling fans that the next iteration of the world’s most prestigious no gi grappling tournament will be held on an abandoned oil rig in Alaska.

“We tried to find the least aesthetically pleasing and most remote location possible. We think we’ve done a pretty good job.”

The abandoned oil rig off the coast of Alaska narrowly beat out a disused zoo in Mongolia as the venue for the greatest grappling show on earth.

“I think our customers are used to a certain level of squalor,” said an ADCC representative. “We only have two years and a nearly unlimited ‘oil money’ budget to organise the event, so you can imagine the trouble we have making it look even remotely passable.”

The ADCC hopes that as many people as possible make it out to the oil rig to watch the event live, despite the arctic temperatures and unexploded mines lurking in the surrounding seas.

“The look we’re going for is high-school wrestling¬†meets the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance from Back to the Future.”

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