Keenan Cornelius Admits Youtube Commenter Cooolguy124 was Right

Keenan says he's considering bringing Cooolguy124 on as coaching staff.
Keenan says he’s considering bringing Cooolguy124 on as coaching staff.

In a shocking turn of events, world champion Keenan Cornelius has admitted that YouTube commenter Cooolguy124 was “right all along.”

“He was commenting on one of my videos, and said I should have let go of the spider guard and switched to the reverse de la Riva at 8:36 of my match. Everyone on the YouTube comment thread told him to shut the hell up, including me, but the comment really hit home.”

“Later on I was training with world champ Andre Galvao, but all I could think about was the advice Cooolguy124 had been giving me online.”

Grappling phenom Keenan, who trains full time at the Atos Jiu Jitsu Academy, feels sincerely grateful that Cooolguy124 had taken the time to point out his mistakes.

“His spelling was bad and he didn’t use punctuation, but he was right about the move. I will be asking Cooolguy124 for tournament advice in future.”

“Even though he’s a blue belt and spends most of his time online, that guy knows his techniques. I’m considering bringing him onto my coaching team, as long as he promises not to call me Keenballs Snore-nelius anymore.”


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