Jiu Jitsu Student Completely Comfortable with his Terrible Stand-up Game

Tony Milknose says training standup is for losers.
Tony Milknose says training standup is overrated.

Tony Milknose, of Woollongong, Australia, says he’s been training jiu jitsu for nearly ten years and can’t do a single takedown.

“I roughly know how to do a single leg, and that judo trip thingy with your legs where you turn around.”

Milknose is not alone. In the 2014 “Awkward Shaka” Survey Just How Shit is your Standup Game? a shocking 89% of practitioners answered “Really Quite Shit” or below.

Tony Milknose admits that even a high school wrestler could take him down.

“Oh yeah, I’ll pretty much flop on my ass at the drop of a hat,” he admits. “But I will definitely choke the shit out of the person who takes me down.”

He won’t be changing his ways anytime soon though.

“Yeah in comps I usually try some kind of trip thing just to make it look like I care, but I’ll basically just sit down once I get my grips.”

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