Local Man Regrets Not Washing his Gi Before Training

Preston (top) said the gi "smelt like a festering tramp's crotch"  once he started training.
Preston (top) said the gi “smelt like a festering tramp’s crotch” once he started training.

“I thought I could get away with it,” Preston Grubinger is quoted as saying.

Grubinger, a white belt training in Cork, Ireland, said that Monday night’s training session had been relatively light. “We were only working on positions and transitions, and we were moving pretty slowly.”

He inspected the gi when he returned home, giving the armpits a long, deep sniff. “I even checked on a forum to see if everyone washes their gi every time. Turns out, they don’t.”

By Tuesday, however, a smell had begun to form on the surface of the gi.

“It was too late to wash it at that point as I had class, so I just sprayed it with Fabreze and hoped it would be alright.”

Source tell us, though, that the gi was most definitely not alright.

“It was OK in the beginning I guess,” said PJ Harrington, training partner of Grubinger. “But once he started sweating, it smelt like that juice you get at the bottom of a rubbish bin.”

“It’s true,” Grubinger confirmed. “You could have killed a horse with that smell. It must have gotten locked into the fabric somehow. Honestly when it was dry it smelt fine, but once I started sweating, this diabolical odour seeped out. I knew it was bad when my training partner tapped to a headlock, then vomited and passed out.”

Grubinger’s instructor had the following to say:

“I post memes on our academy page regularly drawing attention to smelly gis in a lighthearted fashion, but everyone always assumes it’s not directed at them. Well guess what – it is.”

The Awkward Shaka recommends you to wash your gi after every training session, folks.

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