Craig Jones Reveals his Main Goal for the 2019 Competition Season

Craig Jones, the standout Aussie superstar, reveals that his main focus for 2019 will be persuading Americans to call him Craig, his actual name, rather than Kreg, the bizarrely mangled pronunciation that they all seem to insist on calling him.

“It’s not like my name is Tarquin or fucking Balthazar. It’s bloody CRAIG. Stop calling me KREG.”

While 2018 saw Craig’s main focus as trying to heel hook everyone alive and also trying not to be permanently disabled by Rousimar Palhares, he feels this change in pace for 2019 is important.

“A gold medal in one of the major comps, or retaining my Polaris belt, would be nice, but really I just want to hear my name pronounced correctly, that’s the main thing.”

Craig was drinking a can of Fosters and playing knifey spooney with a dingo at the time of the interview.


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