“Skipping Breakfast” group very happy with “Intermittent Fasting” Rebrand

When we were growing up, skipping breakfast was lambasted by scientists and parents alike as a way to set yourself up for a shitty day. You’d lack concentration, energy, and you’d end up gorging on less healthy foods later to make up for it.

However thanks to a trendy rebrand, Skipping Breakfast is now officially known as Intermittent Fasting, and is very popular among new age athletes in BJJ and MMA in particular.

“Yeah so basically by including the word ‘fasting’ it just sounds really, like, healthy and stuff, plus intermittent has like 10 syllables so that makes it sound really important and medicalish.” says Reuben Tenderloin, a Food Sciencerist.

It is believed that “having a shit night’s sleep” will soon be rebranded to “Length-limited Non-waking”, and gorging yourself on Hob Nobs and Yazoo will be known as “Selective Pan-nutritional Profiling.”

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