Past his Prime Guy Keeps Changing Profile Pic Back to That One Time He Competed


We have received reports that Fentiman McClintock, a blue belt who did a competition once, keeps changing his Facebook profile picture back to that one time he won a fight.

“He actually got a bye to the final, then the other guy tripped and ripped his toenail off and the toenail flew up into his eye and he started crying, so he won by default anyway,” said Tina Meloncamper, a training partner of McClintock. “There was blood everywhere. It was rad.”

McClintock rarely makes it to training these days and instead posts motivational quotes to his Facebook page, and complains about mysterious injuries keeping him off the mat, but every few months, the profile picture makes a comeback. “Every time he switches his profile pic, he gets admiring comments from his moronic workmates at the insurance company who have no idea about jiu jitsu. Last time he came to training I submitted him eleven times in five minutes. He tapped to the mount, for god’s sake…”

Fentiman was not available for comment.



    1. Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha. Dude you’re white knighting a satire website. You’re the one who should think about his own progress.


  1. So what if thats what he wants to do, its his page, his rules. Leave him alone and stop being a bully I say. This story is not worthy of an article and embarrassing someone over the net is real childish.


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