Athlete Unexpectedly Meets Crowdfunding Goal, Now Has to Actually Compete

Tasslebun, back when he was "really into jiu jitsu."
Tasslebunt, back when his life was simple.

William Tasslebunt, of London, England, woke up to a suprising email yesterday.

“It was from Go Fund Me, saying I had reached my funding target. I had totally forgotten about it.”

Six months ago, Tasslebunt had been “really into jiu jitsu” and decided, on a whim, to make a Go Fund Me page to send himself to the world championships of jiu jitsu in Longbeach, California. Now, he actually has to do it.

“I am absolutely shitting myself, to be honest,” said Tasslebunt. “I never thought anyone would actually pay money for a stranger to go and fight in a jiu jitsu competition. What a ridiculous concept! I was pretty drunk when I made the page.”

Despite the numerous spelling errors, terrible grammar and grainy images on his funding page, Tasslebunt somehow managed to meet his target of £2000 for flights, hotels and competition entry.

“What the actual fuck am I supposed to do now?”

In a wholly unexpected turn of events, Tasslebunt’s friends actually parted with real money to send him on his journey to the USA. Soon, he picked up donations from complete strangers. We reached out to Nancy Higgentooth of North Carolina, who donated $15 to the cause.

“The boy just looked so sweet and desperate. I felt like I had to help him. I truly hope he does well in his karate match.”

As do we, Nancy. As do we.


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