“I Should Have Got a Mouthguard Earlier” Says Man with Smashed Teeth

Benny Tipper (centre) with his new mouthguard
Benny Tipper (centre) with his new mouthguard

Benny Tipper, currently training in Japan, confirms that he should have invested in a mouthguard before four of his teeth were smashed out by a stray knee.

“I was literally about to buy one, for about the last four years,” says Benny.

Benny said he’d even gone as far as putting a mouthguard in his Amazon shopping basket at least four times, but had become distracted by something on TV and not bought it.

“I had a couple of near misses that just chipped the edges off my front teeth, but I just kept putting it off.”

The “last straw” happened during sparring on Thursday night.

“We were going balls to the wall and I just flew headfirst towards his legs. He brought his knee up and I felt my teeth instantly shatter. That was the exact moment when I realised I should have bought that mouthguard after all.”

Tipper recommends to anyone who’s on the fence about buying a mouthguard, to “fucking hurry up and buy one you idiot. Not getting your teeth smashed is a lot better than having them all smashed.”

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