Local Brown Belt Claims He Was “Taking it Easy” as he Taps to White Belt

Matthew Barnstaple, attempting to laugh off the tap.
Matthew Barnstaple, left, totally let the guy do it.

There has been some uncertainty over a tap at a Brazilian jiu jitsu school located in Bournemouth, England recently.

“I was under the impression we were going easy”, said Matthew Barnstaple, a brown belt who has been training for about eight years on and off.

“If it was a competition that would never have happened.”

“Plus that guy is really strong and I think he used to do capoeira or something.”

The incident occurred at around 8:15pm during the third roll of the evening. Barnstaple, who labels himself a traditionalist and is not a fan of worm guards or fancy open guards, quickly found himself succumbing to a sweep from the younger, more athletic white belt, who everyone only knows as “Jim” and has only been attending for a couple of weeks.

A gym member who was nearby during the roll claims he heard Barnstaple request that Jim “take it easy” because “he has a bad knee”, but did not hear whether or not Jim agreed to the request to go light.

Barnstaple maintains that “If [I’d] really been trying, there’s no way he would have swept me or tapped me out. I basically let him do it.”

The submission in question was a rear naked choke, which happened within the first minute of the roll.


  1. To be honest, who cares if a brown got tapped… even taking it easy… isn’t the point of training to improve… not say I can’t get tapped by a white belt.. or black or blue or anyone… I think people lose sight of the point of sparring… it’s to learn last time I checked , try new stuff.. and if you get caught, it means you work on that technique more intil you defend. That way when faced with it when it counts , you know the application and can execute it properly.

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  2. Oh the shame!! Jk. I’m a black belt and have been tapped by blue belts in class.

    Classes are a laboratory and used for experimentation and a learning experience for the students.

    You can’t put much stake in anything that happens during class.

    I’ve seen a world class black belt get beat in competition by a blue belt that had a great wrestling pedigree.

    Doesn’t take anything away from that black belt. He’s won several prestigious competitions since including the IBJJF Master’s Worlds.


  3. Hilarious and well written 🙂 the author really managed to convey the ridiculousness of having to protect the ego at all cost due to the color of ones belt. Can’t wait to read more!


  4. Who cares this has to be the stupidsr crap I’ve ever read. When your role it’s every man for himself. On the street ya theirs no points. Train like u fight but fight harder than you train. At the same time don’t go ape shit crazy on a younger belt. Role and get over the outcome to easy.


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